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The Gascoyne Peak Body Project, which worked to unite the region’s seafood, horticulture and pastoral industries into one representative peak body, is drawing to a close. The new organisation, Gascoyne Primary Producers (GPP), is set to be publically launched soon!

In June, three of the members of the Leadership Task Force which has been guiding the project became the initial board of GPP. Alys McKeough (Carey Downs Station), Scott Razga (Mareterram Fisheries) and Paul Shain (Carnarvon Growers Association) volunteered to step up as initial board directors and represent their respective industries.

Continuing with the fantastic work of the Task Force, the interim board will be guiding the final stage of development before the GPP is officially launched. Actions already undertaken by the board in conjunction with project manager Inovact Consulting have included working to incorporate the GPP as a legal entity, formalising the objects and board structure as well as the selection of a law firm to draft the Constitution.

A new logo, which represents Gascoyne’s seafood, horticulture and pastoral industries, has been developed for GPP and can be seen at the top of the page.


With GPP now formally incorporated, the next steps involve creating a member information package, which will provide potential members with key information about GPP and membership benefits.

As the launch of GPP draws near, the primary producer businesses of the Gascoyne region can get excited about the functions and support that will be provided by their new peak body.

It is important for potential members to know how the GPP will work to simplify processes for industries through a unified approach to providing services to members as well as representation on behalf of our region.

The GPP will have the ability to establish strong working relationships with the government and external stakeholders, and provide the necessary support for our primary industries to tackle issues and take advantage of opportunities.

The GPP has been established as a lean and flexible organisation so that as it grows, members will have the ability to shape and tailor the structures and services of the peak body to have the most benefit for their businesses and industries.

Before the launch, it is not too late to contribute your insights to the peak body! If you’re a potential member, share your suggestions for how your business will be best represented and most benefited by the GPP. Get involved and make sure the GPP will be working for you.

You can contact the peak body project here or email the project managers at bridget.murray@inovact.com.au. 

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