Frequently Asked Questions



When will this project be completed?

The project to establish a peak body is expected to be completed by December 2018.

How can I get involved?

By far the most important aspect of the project is to understand the needs of the Gascoyne’s primary producer industries and the value that a peak body may have to its members.

To get involved with the project we encourage you to signup to the mailing list and contact the project manager Inovact Consulting to share your insights. 

What is the process?

To ensure the success of the project and the viability of a future representative body, the project will be implemented over an 18-month period. The first year will involve extensive industry consultation and the development of a business plan to present to the primary producers.

Who is doing it?

The project is being managed by Inovact Consulting, an independent organisation with expertise in enacting complex change processes for national and regional peak bodies.

Is this about CGA becoming the peak industry body?

The Carnarvon Growers’ Association (CGA) secured the funding for the project and in July 2017 contracted independent firm Inovact Consulting to undertake the formation of the peak body. This means that while CGA will participate in the project, they will not be leading the planning, consultations, strategy or final outcomes.

Who is funding this?

The Gascoyne Development Commission (GDC) has provided grant funding to the Carnarvon Growers’ Association (CGA) to develop and establish the peak body.

What will the peak body do?

At this stage of the project, the activities and priorities of the potential peak body are still being established. However, early suggestions are that the peak body would seek to provide the Gascoyne’s primary producers with a unified, active voice to advocate for their interests with the government and private sector. With the peak body’s ultimate goal being to build the capacity and scale to lead strategic agricultural development across the sector.


Who will a peak body represent?

The peak body will represent the Gascoyne region’s primary producers, including the horticulture, pastoral and seafood industries.

Why is this being done?

During the consultation process for the development of the “Water for Food: Gascoyne Master Plan” many stakeholders in industry and government expressed the need for a single, dedicated peak industry body to represent the interests of the primary producers of the Gascoyne region.