Gascoyne Seafood Industry

The regional seafood industry is well developed and positioned as an independently recognized brand for sustainability and quality. This is largely due to the pristine conditions of the Gascoyne Coast Bioregion, such as Shark Bay and the Exmouth Gulf. In 2015, the annual production from commercial fishing in the Gascoyne region was valued at $40 - $55 million, while the value of aquaculture was $10 million.

Several seafood producers operating in the Gascoyne supply export as well as local markets, including trade into high value markets such as Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Aquaculture continues to develop in the Gascoyne region with finfish and pearling operations based in the Shires of Exmouth, Carnarvon and Shark Bay.

Wild catch fisheries operate within catch limits determined by fisheries managers to maintain long term sustainability. With defined production limits from year to year, it means that growth in industry value will involve leveraging product/regional attributes and targeting specific markets willing and able to pay premium prices.

It means setting a few strategic priorities and objectives and developing influential relationships and partnerships with:

  •    •  Governments
  •    •  Selected industry groups (e.g. West Australian Fishing Industry Council, Seafood Industry Australia)
  •    •  Major businesses invested in domestic/overseas seafood value chains and
  •    •  Other primary industries in the region.