BSc. Nursing, Grad Dip BA

Alys McKeough

RN, BSc. Nursing, Grad Dip BA

Alys and her husband Harry are the owner operators of Carey Downs and Callytharra Springs Stations, totalling 444,000 acres in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia. Alongside their children aged 6, 8 and 10, Alys and Harry have lived in the Gascoyne for 8 years. Their stations produce beef cattle for local and export markets, with management including use of low stress stock handling techniques and investment in significant land care works which encourage the potential for innovative technologies within the sector.

Alys loves the Gascoyne and the community and sees many prospective opportunities for the region into the future. She serves as a Councillor on the Shire of Upper Gascoyne, sits on the Gascoyne Catchments Group (GCG), Upper Gascoyne Land Conservation District Committee (LCDC) and Chairs the Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC). She is also on the executive of the Australian Local Government Women’s Association WA and the Isolated Children’s Parent’s Association Gascoyne Branch, and the Junction Craft Group.

Alys has a background in nursing and continues work as a practising Registered Nurse. Alys has an extensive background in business administration and management within the heath sector and now within her own business.

Scott Razga

General Manager – Mareterram Fisheries

Scott Razga was appointed as the General Manager of Mareterram Fisheries in November 2017 and is based in Carnarvon, WA. Prior to joining Mareterram as a Project Manager in 2016, Scott was the HSEQ/Projects Manager for the MG Kailis Group.

Scott is a certified auditor in Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management systems, and holds a Diploma of Computer Systems and Workplace Health and Safety. He has more than 15 years’ experience in Information Technology as the owner and Managing Director of Wizard Systems (WA) Pty Ltd, an IT consultancy business. Having worked for 15 plus years in the engineering and marine industries, Scott is passionate about providing opportunities and advocacy for Australian fishing businesses.

Paul Shain

Paul is a Horticulturalist and a 2nd Generation grower in the Gascoyne Region. His family moved to Carnarvon in the 1960’s and after growing up on the plantation then heading off to boarding school and university, Paul returned to the Gascoyne in 1991 to run the family plantation Desert Bloom, which produces a wide range of fruit and vegetable ‘s including melon varieties, mangoes, zucchini, beans, tomato & chilli’s.

Paul is the Chair of the Carnarvon Growers Association and sits on the Committee of Management for Vegetables WA.

Luke Skender

Luke is a third generation Grower in the Carnarvon horticultural district with his family having moved to Carnarvon in the late 1950’s and establishing themselves as fruit and vegetable growers. Luke attended school in Perth and then university before making a return to Carnarvon in 2006. Currently the Operations Manager at Carnarvon Growers Association, a non-profit entity assisting Growers across multiple facets, Luke is working towards establishing his future in Carnarvon’s horticulture industry.