Taskforce Blurbs

Do you see a Peak Body assisting your current situation?


‘Yes. Carnarvon has built a reputable and reliable industry that at times must be protected from issues that arise. Having united and local representation along with critical mass will allow us to do this. We must also strive to be at the forefront of primary production and ensure our long term sustainability by utilising the services of what a Peak Body can provide.’

Luke Skender
3rd Generation Grower, Gascoyne

Why do you feel a regionally based Peak Body would be of value to the region ?


‘Being regionally based means issue’s can be addressed locally, the Gascoyne region has a different set of circumstances to deal with than other growing regions in WA. The Peak Body does not have to be a decision making body only, I see it being able to channel projects directly from here, by consolidating in numbers to make a greater impact on markets such as cheaper freight prices. Also being able to provide advocacy and advice directly to growers in highly valuable in my opinion.’

Paul Shain
Desert Bloom Industries

Why do you feel a Peak Body would be valuable to the region ? 

“I believe the Peak Body will provide the Gascoyne Region with an integrated voice to address the concerns of its members, from Horticulture, Pastoral and Seafood, there has never been an industry body in the region which covers the diversity from these key industry groups.

With all these industries working together under the Peak Body, we can share the synergies of what works for each industry for the advancement of the Gascoyne Region”

Scott Razga
General Manager of Mareterram Fisheries