Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Task Force formed?

The Task Force was formed to work with the Project Manager to create a draft model for a Primary Industries Peak Body.

Local leadership in the design is important to ensure that the structure and funding model is commercially relevant, can be sustainable in the long-term and is likely to add real value to primary producer businesses in the Gascoyne region.

Who formed the Task Force?

The Task Force was formed by the Project Manager, Inovact Consulting, after the first ‘Scoping’ phase of the project by identifying proactive individuals from the horticulture, seafood and pastoral industries of the Gascoyne.

Who is on the Task Force?

The members of the Task Force emerged from a process of consultation during the first phase of the project. They include:

– Alys McKeough, Carey Downs Station
– Scott Razga, General Manager, Mareterram Fisheries
– Paul Shain, Chair, Carnarvon Growers Association
– Luke Skender, Operations Manager, Carnarvon Growers Association

For more information about the members, click here.

How will I know what the Task Force is doing?

The Task Force will meet several times in the coming 3-4 months, with a summary of the outcomes of meetings placed on the Gascoyne Peak Body Project website afterwards. In addition, email updates will be sent directly to all those registered on the Gascoyne peak body website. You can sign up for the email updates here or watch for updates via Twitter or FaceBook.

How can I have my input?

You can monitor the progress of the Task Force by signing up for email updates and following the
Task Force summaries posted after each meeting of the group.
As the Task Force develops its thinking, it will be seeking input and feedback from others with an
interest in accelerating the growth of the Gascoyne’s primary industries.
If you would like to contribute input directly into the direction and work of the Peak Body, contact
the Project Manager at